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Cross-Dataset Catalog of Disability and Compensation Variables

Browse or search across 11 major datasets for variables related to: disability and health conditions, work and employer characteristics including compensation such as pay and benefits. The catalog provides: variable names, survey questions, response categories and related variables that can be exported into an excel spreadsheet for your use.

Note: This tool is designed to provide an overview across multiple datasets - always use the dataset's codebook/dictionary to guide actual analysis. To view dataset descriptions and caveats click on dataset acronym.

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Development of this online tool is a part of the research activities of the Employer Practices Related to Employment Outcomes Among Individuals with Disabilities Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (EP-RRTC) under the direction of Kevin Hallock and Susanne Bruyere, funded to Cornell University by the U.S. Department of Education National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).

Acknowledgements: This tool was developed through the efforts of William Erickson, Zafar Nazarov, Arun Karpur, and web designers Jason Criss and Jeff Trondsen at Cornell University. Many thanks to graduate students Yeong Joon Yoon, Hee Man Park and Kyoung Jo O who developed much of the content used in this tool.

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